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Why Tango Artists Make Money When Authors Don’t

Share On Friday evening I was honored to be part of a roundtable presentation at the National Arts Club to celebrate the publication of Anahí Viladrich’s beautiful book More Than Two to Tango. The book

Author Meets Social Scientist

The perhaps little-known truth is that very few writers earn enough to support themselves... big name authors are more like lottery winners Most would-be authors, if they manage to get published at all, only make pennies an hour...Yet the success stories bolster the lowest spirits and keep hope alive. They did it. My turn will come.

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Email: Dana.Beth.Weinberg@gmail.com

About My Work

Dana Beth Weinberg is Chair and Professor of Sociology at Queens College-CUNY.  A
graduate of Harvard University’s doctoral program in Sociology, she is author of Code Green:
Money-Driven Hospitals and the Dismantling of Nursing as well as multiple research articles on
the healthcare and publishing industries.  An indie author, she writes fiction under the
pseudonym D. B. Shuster and is author of the Russian mafia crime series Kings of Brighton
Beach and the Cold War spy series Sins of a Spy.

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