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Sins Of A Spy Series

“The novel brims with bravado, fear, jealousy, sympathy, chicanery, cruelty, and nobility. Shuster makes the emotional life of her major characters come fully alive while she continues to ratchet up the suspense—all of this set against a vivid rendering of Moscow’s material and political culture.” – Philip K. Jason, Jewish Book Council

Every family has its secrets. In 1980s Moscow, keeping them is a matter of survival.

Caught between duty and conscience.

As the Cold War escalates, the Soviet Union’s Jewish community finds itself caught in a tug of war between their allies abroad who want to open the doors to emigration and a country that hates them but won’t let them leave. A Jew in Moscow, Sofia knows better than most how high the stakes are. Her family is among the thousands who have been watched, harassed, and hunted for their defiance of the Soviet machine. Her own husband was sentenced to five harrowing years in the gulag simply for teaching Hebrew. Sofia has dared even greater risks to help her people, and if she’s caught, she won’t be sent to the gulag. She’ll be executed.

The Americans meets Bridge of Spies in this can’t-put-down Cold War story of intrigue and betrayal.


Crime Bytes Media (August 21, 2018)


Fiction, Thriller Novel





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This is a smart and gripping tale told through multiple viewpoint characters, each of whom I found to be unique and compelling. Historical facts added depth to the fear, bravery and hope displayed by the characters, and kept me reading well into the night. A keeper.

Could not put the book down. The characters were well developed. I loved even the most unlikable of characters in this book. I can not wait to read the next book.