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Kings Of Brighton Beach

A ruthless son. A master strategist. In the mafia, nothing stays secret forever…

Vlad wants to rule the mob. The former FBI agent thinks a few lessons from Artur, his father’s former partner, will put him on the path to kingpin status in the Russian mafia. But Artur has his own agenda, and it could lead Vlad down a path he never saw coming.

When Artur’s beautiful daughter is drugged, assaulted, and framed for the murder of a rival mobster, Vlad and his new employer must fight a high stakes war that threatens to destroy them all.

Kings of Brighton Beach is a Russian mafia family saga of thrillers. If you like addictive mafia drama, turbulently passionate mysteries, and compellingly complex characters, then you’ll love D.B. Shuster’s gritty, sexy take on the Russian mob.

Buy Kings of Brighton Beach today to get lost in the suspenseful family saga readers are comparing to The Sopranos and Sons of Anarchy!


Crime Bytes Media (July 28, 2015)


Fiction, Thriller Novel





“Shuster wastes no time embroiling readers in the ensemble-cast-driven drama and tension that make up the seedy underworld of Brighton Beach. The settings are clear, the characters vivid, and the action peppered with authentic Russian dialogue …. Kings of Brighton Beach is a well-written, exciting read full of jealousy, revenge, retribution, redemption and love. Satisfying in its own right, Part 1 lays a strong foundation that leaves readers curious to see how the author builds upon it in Part 2.”

BlueInk Review