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SOCIOLOGIST. I earned my doctorate in Sociology from Harvard University. An ethnographer and a data scientist, I specialize in research on organizations, work and occupations, gender discrimination, and industry disruption. My work has focused hospitals, nursing homes, the publishing industry, the KGB, and the Russian mafia.

PROFESSOR. I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in qualitative and quantitative research methods, professional writing and communication, social media, and healthcare policy. I’m tough on my students, but since I’m also a registered yoga instructor, I teach them to meet my high standards with mindfulness and big, deep breaths.

THRILLER WRITER. Writing as D. B. Shuster, I write dark, twisted, and hopeful serial thrillers. I’m the author of the Russian mafia crime thriller Kings of Brighton Beach and the historical Cold War family saga and thriller series Sins of a Spy.

LEADER IN HIGHER EDUCATION. At Queens College, I’ve served as the Acting Dean of Social Sciences and as the program Director of the MA in Data Analytics and Applied Social Research, distinguished for its preparation for students from underrepresented groups for successful careers in STEM. I’m currently the Chair of the Sociology Department, which is also home of program in Data Analytics and in Business and Liberal Arts, and I serve as the elected co-Chair of the Executive Committee of the Personnel and Budget Committee, one of the college’s two faculty governance bodies.



I was advised to use a pen name to distinguish my fiction career from my academic one. It would be romantic to say that I chose Shuster because of Joe Shuster, the creator of Superman, but the truth is the only connection between us is that we both hail from Cleveland, Ohio. In reality, Shuster is a family name, but not my legal one. The initials, D. B., are mine (Dana Beth), and I chose an androgynous name for fiction based on my research about gender discrimination in the publishing industry. The pseudonym isn’t a secret identity—despite my obsession with such things in my fiction.

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“Another masterful story of intrigue, suspense, and a little romance with amazing depth of
characters, and a touch of 80s nostalgia. I can’t wait for the next book in this series!”

Laura Brown

“This is a smart and gripping tale told through multiple viewpoint characters, each of whom I found to be
unique and compelling. Historical facts added depth to the fear, bravery and hope displayed by the
characters, and kept me reading well into the night. A keeper.”

Dee Dale

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Author Meets Social Scientist

The perhaps little-known truth is that very few writers earn enough to support themselves... big name authors are more like lottery winners Most would-be authors, if they manage to get published at all, only make pennies an hour...Yet the success stories bolster the lowest spirits and keep hope alive. They did it. My turn will come.

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Dana Beth Weinberg is Chair and Professor of Sociology at Queens College-CUNY.  A
graduate of Harvard University’s doctoral program in Sociology, she is author of Code Green:
Money-Driven Hospitals and the Dismantling of Nursing as well as multiple research articles on
the healthcare and publishing industries.  An indie author, she writes fiction under the
pseudonym D. B. Shuster and is author of the Russian mafia crime series Kings of Brighton
Beach and the Cold War spy series Sins of a Spy.

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